Ebox Graphics / by Joseph Phillips

Ebox Graphic

A box with a luminescent letter ‘E’ on it. Learning to use a nice piece of software called MagicaVoxel.

I am in between projects. The drone I was building broke. I started working on a Stereo Pi, and the HDMI female port coupled to the board tore loose. I had video, distribution, ready to rock n roll, and then lost video for a …stereoscopic camera rig. Decided to take a week to decide what to work on. I have a few dozen sensors, some Pis, and some Arduinos. I was able to get two of my 3 new Pis working. The A+, the 4 work. So, I have 4 Pis working all day, a B, a B+, an A+, and a 4. I have a Banana Pi that is doing zero.

So, with two Arduinos, four Pis, a 4 channel DC/VAC 5 V/250 V relay, a box relay( ‘plugs always on or always off ‘) w/signal bit line, two 8266s, two 32s, some motors, I should be able to build something anyways.


In other news, I am working on Python. I was taking an online course with MIT but I am struggling with the exercises. I am hunting for jobs. That task consumes most of my free time. Last week, when I broke the Stereo Pi, my plans for the month were shot. I had been looking forward to this project for months. So, with the demise at hand, I fought back creatively.

  • I sketched out two 16” x 20” paintings

  • I did some housekeeping on a trilogy.

  • I focused on programming

  • I worked on MagicaVoxel

  • I hung photos and straightened my basement lounge, tested some speakers, cleaned.

So, I am going to work on an ESP 8266 project, and tie a Pi and an Arduino together. Everything will be attached to a thin piece of wood. I will work on controlling motors, reading sensors, and building an ad-hoc network to control a light switch.

Just whip that around a bit.

Just whip that around a bit.

If I did graphics for a living, I would not be sad. These are fun.

e print.PNG